Edge is Tired of Hearing Complaints About Baron Corbin

WWE's decision to give Baron Corbin Kurt Angle's retirement match at WrestleMania 35 has been [...]

WWE's decision to give Baron Corbin Kurt Angle's retirement match at WrestleMania 35 has been unpopular to say the least. Fans' main contention is that Corbin is unqualified for such a big match, but WWE Hall of Famer Edge says otherwise.

In a recent episode of E&C's Pod of Awesomeness, Edge got out in front of the disdain for Corbin and actually took the stand for the Lone Wolf.

"You know I'm tired of people always knocking Corbin, man. He's a talented dude. I know in the internet realm that's not a popular opinion, but he's a big, big, big man who can move and I like him. So it is great for him to be put in that slot and no matter where they go with the finish it's a cool place for him to be," he said.

Despite what fans think of him, Corbin is clearly a name WWE likes. Since his NXT graduation, Corbin has been fed a steady diet of opportunities, but Angle's last match is easily his best grab. At this moment, Corbin is one of Raw's better heels and has no trouble getting people to dislike him. However, some folks were hoping for a big name, like John Cena usher Angle into retirement. But per Edge, WWE must have solid reasoning behind not choosing Cena, despite it making plenty of sense.

"You know if you're talking about storyline, yes it does make sense. I do however think that the name I mentioned last week makes more sense in terms of the entire span of their with John Cena […] maybe he's in Zimbabwe or China or wherever shooting a movie with Jackie Chan.

In terms of if you look at it and say, right. Cena came out in Chicago to take Kurt Angle's challenge I don't know 18 years ago or whatever it was. For Kurt to be able to announce his WrestleMania opponent in the same building that happened it just seemed like such serendipity so there's gotta be a reason why that didn't happen," he said.

Cena was originally rumored for Angle's match, but it's hard to say if that was an instance of fan fiction rather than a substantive idea. At this moment, Cena is expected for 'Mania but does not have concrete plans.

Barring a surprise, we'll be getting Angle vs. Corbin on April 7, and it's fair to expect a good match. As Edge mentioned Corbin is talented and thanks to his reputation, the crowd will be eager to hate him. That, combined with Angle's lovability promises a fun contest.

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