Jade Cargill Reveals Her 2023 AEW Goals (Exclusive)

A storm is coming. The opening warning of Jade Cargill's guitar-infused theme hits just minutes before the AEW TBS Champion makes her way to the ring, as it is an appropriate precursor to what awaits her opponents. As of this writing, Cargill boasts a perfect 50-0 singles record, a televised streak that is reminiscent of Asuka's run in NXT and Goldberg's tear in WCW. The vast majority of Cargill's wins have come as TBS Champion, a title that she captured in January 2022. With the gold still in her possession to this day, Cargill stands alone as the longest-reigning champion in AEW history.

While Cargill tends to make quick work of her opponents, the undefeated star's in-ring work is only half the battle. Speaking to ComicBook.com's Liam Crowley while promoting Bucked Up pre-workout, Cargill outlined what her pre-match rituals look like.

"I actually take Bucked Up pre-workout, their Miami Woke AF. That gets me ready for my matches. But prior, I just focus," Cargill said. "I get there early. I start rolling around with whosever in the ring. If we have practice, I practice. If I'm working with Bryan [Danielson] that day, because it's a Wednesday, I work with Bryan. It's actually I'm having two matches in one day if you think about it. I train, I get back, I go get my makeup done, figure out my times for the match, listen to some good music that gets me all pumped up and into my character. Start stretching, take my pre-workout and I'm ready to go."

Cargill is a singles champion, but she's had the support of a rotating ensemble during her title reign. Dubbed The Baddie Section, wrestlers like Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet have found themselves in Cargill's corner. Hogan and Velvet have since moved on, as Leila Grey is the only member of The Baddie Section remaining.

"I would love to have Candace Parker on my roster. I would love to have Cardi B on my roster," Cargill said regarding her Baddie Section dream team. "I would love to have Beyonce on my roster. I love Delle Donne so much. That would be my stacks because they're strong, independent women that just go out there and just wreck things and go after what they want."

The reason for Cargill's depleted Baddie Section lies around her waist. Both Hogan and and Velvet went after Cargill's TBS Championship immediately after exiting the stable, ultimately coming up short in each of their attempts. Cargill has showed no signs of slowing down as TBS Champion, but did admit she has her eyes on the women's division's top prize.

"I'm just going to give these ladies some time before I want to go for the big belt," Cargill noted. "That's something that I want to accomplish. I want to go for the main belt, I know that's for sure."

That championship pursuit remains in the distant future, but Cargill emphasized that she wants programs with some of the former AEW Women's Champions sometime soon.

"I wouldn't say so soon because right now I'm just focused on getting reps and getting better. Having longer matches, better feuds, and actual storylines," Cargill added. "However, I believe it's time for me to start having storylines with a Britt Baker, or Jamie Hayter, or a Saraya, or Toni Storm and working those storylines. I know I can do it. I have the charisma to do it. If you stand me next to any of these ladies, the work, the look and the aura of who I am speaks for itself."

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