John Morrison Guests on Miz TV During SmackDown, Turns Heel

After he made his return to WWE television last week during a backstage segment, John Morrison returned in front of the fans this week on SmackDown.

Morrison's former tag team champion partner, The Miz, welcomed Morrison back for a Miz TV segment to open the show. He introduced him by going through his past accolades and they showed a nice video package of his prior time in WWE.

Morrison said there's nothing more important than being there for one of your best friends. He said after he returned on The Bump, he saw what Miz was going through. He then saw what happened with Kofi last week.

He told the fans that he was disappointed in them for turning on Miz so quickly after having one bad day last week after going through such terrible things. He went on saying that nobody has worked harder than The Miz over the last several years. Morrison said that nobody understands how much The Miz gives to the fans because they've never been in the ring.

After Morrison started to insult some of the fans in the front row, they were interrupted by Kingston and Big E. Kofi asked him who he is trying to fool? He asked if he was seriously trying to blame the fans for turning their backs on him? Big E said his apology wasn't believable and called him a bad actor.

Kofi said it would have been respectable and more believable if he had just said that he had a bad day rather than trying to come up with excuses. The Miz said he respects the fact that Kofi had the WWE title for six months, but insulted him by saying he also respects the fact that he lost it in six seconds and didn't have the guts to go back after it.

Kofi corrected him to "eight seconds" and accused The Miz of changing from "cool Miz" to "obnoxious, annoying Miz." Kofi says that means the people are correct when they say "you suck."


They announced The Miz vs. Kingston would wrestle in a rematch to start the show.