Kenny Omega Clears Up Confusion Concerning His New Entrance

In recent months, Kenny Omega's character has been rebuilt on AEW television. After spending a large percentage of last year and this year in a tag team and storyline with "Hangman" Adam Page, Omega is now branching out into the singles division and beginning to set his sights on what everyone assumed he'd have in his position at some point: the AEW World Championship. After winning a number one contendership tournament at Full Gear by defeating Page, Omega earned the right to face Jon Moxley for the title on the December 2nd edition of Dynamite.

Part of the makeover of Omega's character has been a new entrance, complete with an extremely long PA introduction that lists all of his accolades.

Well, mostly accolades. There's part during the introduction where the announcer proclaims the words North Carolina, sometimes in different ways. For example, prior to Omega's match with Page at Full Gear, it was annonced that "his opponents lives near but is not from NORTH CAROLINA." This has left a lot of fans confused about the reference.

Omega revealed that the reference is paying homage to Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan. The startling lineup production for the Bulls during the 1980s and 1990s was legendary, first at the old Chicago Stadium and later the United Center, where the PA announcer would introduce Jordan by saying "from North Carolina, at guard, six-six (6' 6")...Michael Jordan." The reference to North Carolina was always emphasized.


Omega responded to a tweet from Lance Storm to confirm.

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