Matt Hardy Comments on How WWE Views the Hardy Boyz' Value

With his WWE contract set to expire in a matter of months, Matt Hardy hasn't been afraid to [...]

With his WWE contract set to expire in a matter of months, Matt Hardy hasn't been afraid to comment on how the WWE has been using him on television in recent months. Both he and Jeff Hardy made their surprise returns to the company back at WrestleMania 33, and the moment was so monumental WWE ranked it as the sixth best return of the entire decade, sitting just behind the likes of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon. Hardy thanked the WWE for their recognition while also throwing in a subtle jab on Twitter on Saturday.

Hardy previously wrote on Twitter that he felt he owed WWE a debt for his unceremonious departure, and that it had been repaid since he's come back. The legendary tag team wrestler has held tag team championship gold during his latest run twice with his brother Jeff and once with Bray Wyatt as the Deleters of Worlds.

The pair won the SmackDown tag titles back in April, but had to relinquish them weeks later when Jeff went down with a leg injury that required surgery. Hardy was then taken off of television, and did not return on a regular basis until very recently. He assured fans online he was perfectly healthy during his absence.

"A few notes -I'm actually VERY healthy right now -I did not 'semi-retire', I could have still been working at that time. Was not my call," Hardy wrote. "-I am always down to put talent over, but I am NOT in that phase of my career. I have much, much more to offer the industry."

While his onscreen character is back to being the classic "Team Xtreme" version of Hardy, the former United States Champion has resurrected his "Broken" persona on his personal YouTube channel. The latest episode saw him return via the Lake of Reincarnation (which is now his swimming pool) and set up for a Hardy Compound battle with a devlish figure named Ryzin.