Watch: Randy Orton's Wife Hits Him With an RKO

Randy Orton has made a career out of hitting people with an RKO "Outta Nowhere." But while he was on vacation in Maldives with his wife Kim, he wound up getting nailed with the move himself.

"He's not even safe from his own move," Kim wrote while posting a video of her hitting him with an RKO as they both fell into the water.

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@randyorton watch out, watch out, watch you 😂 got him @wwe @wwenetwork he’s not even safe from his own move

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Orton posted the same video to his own account, which led to quite a few comments from other wrestlers.

"We have ZERO counters for them," Matt Hardy wrote. "They always go OVAH!"

"Outstanding," Shane Helms wrote.

"This is so goood!!!" wrote Trish Stratus.

"The Viper" is currently gearing up for a match at SummerSlam, where he'll take on Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship. The current feud between the two kicked off back in mid-July when Kingston officially challenged the 13-time world champion, saying it was time for some payback after what went down between the two in 2009. The story goes that back when Kingston first feuded with Orton (leading to the iconic moment where he drove Orton through a table with a Boom Drop during an episode of Raw at Madison Square Garden) his push up the card was cut short after Orton used his influence backstage to halt Kingston's momentum.

Surprisingly, Orton didn't deny it. In a video promo leading up to Sunday's match he said he used his influence because Kingston "wasn't ready" at the time, then adding that he wasn't ready now either.

Kingston fired back with a video promo of his own on this week's SmackDown Live.


"Everybody was on their feet, everyone was chanting, 'Kofi!' I felt like that was the moment when I made it. And unfortunately that's not really how it worked out," Kingston said. "It wasn't enough just to beat me. In his mind he wanted to humiliate me.

"There were always rumors that it was Randy who had used his influence to hold me back," he continued. "I worked as hard as I possibly could. And I would go home every single day and wonder what I wasn't doing. Why was I good enough to be here, but not good enough to just get to the next level? Regardless of all of that I just had to stay positive, keep on grinding. I would like to think over this 11-year period that I am worthy."