Report: Matt Riddle Pulled From Monday Night Raw, Upcoming WWE Live Events

Matt Riddle accused a police officer of sexual harassment this past weekend.

WWE superstar Matt Riddle accused a New York City police officer of sexual assault this past weekend. Taking to Instagram, Riddle shared a now-deleted post in which he claimed he was "sexually assaulted by an officer and harassed" at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York. Riddle described the situation as "really weird and uncomfortable" and claimed that the officers involved "made a point to make [him] feel small and useless." Shortly after Riddle's Instagram post, reports surfaced that Port Authority officers were answering to a call about a disorderly person who was deplaning, that person being Riddle.

That report added that the police officers talked to Riddle, who met their conversation with with apologies. While there was no official police report filed, Port Authority is said to have launched an internal investigation into the matter.

Matt Riddle Pulled From WWE TV

(Photo: WWE)

As reported by PWInsider, Matt Riddle is not backstage at Monday's WWE Monday Night Raw and he is not expected to work this weekend's WWE live events despite being initially booked for both the September 16th and September 17th shows.

Riddle had just made his return to WWE TV this past April on the Monday Night Raw after WWE WrestleMania 39. That comeback came at the conclusion of a suspension, as Riddle had been mandated to enter rehab or be released from his WWE contract after he had been hit with his second WWE wellness policy violation.

"I am ready to be back. It's been way too long, but it was definitely time I needed to take off and focus on me, the injuries and everything else I was dealing with," Riddle said after his televised comeback in April. "I feel like it had been so long and I was grinding for so long that I never had a second to hit reset. Now that the reset has happened, I'm ready. I finally get the call and go, 'hey, (you're) coming back, Raw after Mania."

Riddle is currently in the middle of a tag team storyline alongside Drew McIntyre. The King of Bros has been trying to win McIntyre's favor in recent weeks despite the Scottish Warrior's annoyance with his antics. This has led to many believing that the endgame of that storyline would be a singles match between Riddle and McIntyre. There is no word on the future of that storyline now that Riddle is off of WWE programming for the week.

Monday Night Raw goes down at 8 PM ET on USA Network.