Watch: Ronda Rousey Adds Roman Reigns' Superman Punch to Arsenal

With John Cena on leave and Roman Reigns indefinitely out, Ronda Rousey may be the de facto face of WWE. While she doesn't yet have catchphrase she did just use Reigns' superman punch in a non-televised match.

Thanks to Ringside News, we have footage of Rousey uncorking her version of Reigns' finisher - have a look:

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#RondaRousey now using #RomanReigns superman punch... thoughts??

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Maybe it was a one time thing, maybe Rousey will continue to use it, but this is the second time she's paid homage to The Big Dog. Considering her and Reigns are counterparts in a way, WWE may have Rousey continue using the move in order to keep Reigns on fans' mind on top of getting Rousy an extra dose of goodwill.

Reigns' cousins, The Usos have also given nods to Reigns in the middle of their match, but only Rousey has actually used the superman punch.

We won't be totally surprised to see Rousey add this to her repertoire. The grainy footage above isn't the best way to tell if the move actually looks good, but considering her MMA background it seems like something can pull off easily. With Nia Jax touting her own super punch, WWE may be building an ironic twist to her TLC match with Rousey where the former Raw Women's Champion gets knocked out to finish the match.