WWE Reportedly Wants Ronda Rousey to Join Cast of Slumping 'Total Divas'

Season 8 of Total Divas, at least by the numbers, is not going well. Even more, this marks an actual downtrend for the show and WWE may be considering adding more firepower to the show in the form of Ronda Rousey

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is considering approaching Rousey to join the cast of E!'s slumping, but still popular show. This sounds like a rumor before the rumor, but the recipe of adding Rousey to anything seems to be working well for WWE.

Total Divas could certainly use a jolt of something interesting as Season 8's average viewership has slipped to 386,000—nearly half of Season 6's numbers. And the idea of adding Rousey could be an easy fix for E! and WWE.

But there is a great chance this simply isn't true or that Ronda Rousey would laugh at the request.

While Rousey seems game for anything to help WWE, a Total Divas credit just seems out character. Of course, we don't know Rousey in the least, but if Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Charlotte Flair have all turned their noses up at Total Divas, it seems Rousey would have a similar stance.

Especially given her scathing promo from Raw this week.

But if we've learned anything from Rousey's first 10 months as a WWE Superstar, its that we can't underestimate her. And if she thinks she can help WWE and herself by becoming a Total Diva's cast member, then she'll do it. And with the present we have, she 'll probably do great.

However, this is a rumor we can't buy until we see a little more evidence. Rousey seems to be fully dedicated to becoming a legendary WWE Superstar. And Charlotte Flair seems to be using a similar rationale in her choice to stay out of Total Divas.


"For me, my character has always come first and foremost and how far I want to take the women's division," Flair explained. "I've worked so hard on this character and I'm not sure lifting the curtain is the right move right now," said Flair in a recent interview with Yahoo Sports.

"Especially when I first started and was a bad guy, people believed I really fired my dad! I just don't know how that would have helped with my storyline," she continued. "I almost think there's a mystique to not knowing everything about me."