Watch: Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall Reflect on Legendary WrestleMania X Ladder Match

The show-stealing ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) at WrestleMania [...]

The show-stealing ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) at WrestleMania X is seen as one of the greatest matches with that stipulation to ever be put onscreen. The story going into the match was that while Hall was the official Intercontinental Champion, Michaels was carrying around his version of the belt as he had never officially lost it (Michaels was stripped of the title on television for lack of defenses by president Jack Tunney, though in real life he was serving a suspension for a failed steroid test). As a result, there were two championships suspended above the ring as the two Kliq members clashed in Madison Square Garden.

In the latest edition of the YouTube series "WWE Playback", the pair sat down and watched the match together while offering their own commentary.

While it wasn't the first ladder match to take place in a WWE ring, it was the first to be shown on television.

"This was something that sort of had been done, but we didn't know how that was going to come across from a pay-per-view standpoint," Michaels said. "This was a big maiden voyage for this match all together."

"So we had a couple of these ladder matches out on the road, and stuff like that," he continued. "So you're just sort of drawing bits and pieces (from other matches). You pick up a ladder, see he's (Hall) bent over and honestly stuff like that (as Michaels toss the ladder at Hall's back) I'm just winging it and tossing it at him."

"And it worked," Hall added. "The people went, 'Wow, he's just being reckless.' It was good."

The video fast-forwarded to the memorable shot of Michaels standing on the ladder in the corner of the ring and hitting Hall with a splash.

"I always love that overhead shot they go to," Hall pointed out. "It looks like a crime scene."

The two then discussed how the red ladder that was used during the match was the only one the two had at their disposal, meaning they'd be in serious trouble if it broke.

"The funny part too, a lot of people don't know, now at every show there's ladders and chairs and kendo sticks. There was one ladder in that building and it's right there," Hall said pointing at the screen. "If we had bent that ladder or broke it, we'd still be standing there."

"There was never even a thought of what if something happens to the ladder," Michaels added.

The clip then cut to the scene of Hall suplexing Michaels off the ladder and send both men to the matt, causing the ladder to bend slightly under Hall's weight.

"The bottom line is what makes it special, the reason why it transcends everything else and has become what it's become is the authenticity of everything," Michaels said reflecting on the match stipulation.

The WWE has since gone on to air 54 ladder matches (not including other matches like TLC where ladders are involved). By the end of his career Michaels went on to be in six ladder matches, but only won two. Jeff Hardy holds the record for most appearances in a ladder match (12) and most wins (seven).