Tiffany Stratton Interferes in Bayley's First WWE Women's Championship Title Defense on SmackDown

It was Tiffy Time on this week's SmackDown.

For the first time since winning at WrestleMania 40, Bayley defended the WWE Women's Championship against Naomi on SmackDown.

Naomi hasn't challenged for a title in WWE in two years when she departed the company with Sasha Banks/Mercedes Moné. In the crowd, Damage CTRL were spotted, but Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill showed up to make sure there would be no shenanigans in the main event. The match was hard fought between both women, Bayley with everything to lose and Naomi everything to gain. The match began with quick count trade offs, setting the tone for the match. Sooner than later, Naomi got control of the match with a dropkick and a bulldog but she came up short with just a two count. 

She attempts to put Bayley away early with her signature Rear View finisher but Bayley manages to pull herself up, shocking Naomi. Bayley eventually took control, throwing Naomi into the top turnbuckle, following through with a back suplex. She went for an elbow drop off the top but Naomi was able to get her knees up, causing way more damage to the champion than herself. As Naomi regains composure, she goes for the split legged moonsault and this time, Bayley gets her knees up. After attempting the Rose Plant, Naomi reverses and puts Bayley into a submission hold. From then on, Bayley insisted Naomi hit her so they trade big blows to each other. After both women were down and out on the outside of the ring, it was clear that it was Tiffy Time.

Toward the end of the match, SmackDown star Tiffany Stratton interfered and stopped Naomi from winning the match which forced it to end in a No Contest. She throws Bayley into the steel steps and then grabs both to roll them into the ring. she lines them up and heads to the top rope for the Prettiest Moonsault Ever. Stratton stands tall over both women as Belair and Cargill stand angry in the box. Damage CTRL, meanwhile, look very happy about the outcome.

Stratton was called up to the main roster at the beginning of the year, competing in her first Royal Rumble match back in January. She rode that high all the way to the Elimination Chamber after qualifying and she had a very impressive showing in that match. The crowd was all for her, chanting "Tiffy Time" and "We Want Tiffy" when she was still locked inside the pod. After signing with SmackDown in February with Naomi, the two faced each other last week for a #1 Contenders shot, which obviously resulted in Naomi getting the win over Stratton.