WWE: New Fan Theory Proposes a White Rabbit Faction for Bray Wyatt

WWE fans everywhere have spent the last few weeks following the White Rabbit on both Raw and Smackdown. The company has been doing a lot of viral marketing with the White Rabbit concept in recent weeks, with songs playing during commercial breaks and QR codes delivering eerie messages to those watching along at home. All signs point to this White Rabbit storyline culminating in the return of Bray Wyatt, a wildly popular wrestler who has always utilized occult and other-worldly elements in his character.

At this point, it would be a real shock if the White Rabbit didn't lead to Wyatt's WWE comeback, but there are plenty of fans who believe the Fiend isn't operating alone. Wyatt previously worked in small factions, debuting with the Wyatt Family and later working closely with Alexa Bliss. This new iteration could see him in his biggest faction, if a popular fan theory is correct.

Some fans believe that some other recent WWE returns are tied to Bray Wyatt. Not only that, there is a specific theory that links those wrestlers to the puppets that existed within Bray's Firefly Funhouse segments. The fan art below explains it all.

According to this theory, four of Bray Wyatt's/The Fiend's puppets have been brought to life and they're all working for him once again. The theory suggests that Karrion Kross is the rabbit, Scarlett is Abby the Witch, Dexter Lumis is Mercy the Buzzard, and Braun Strowman is Huskus.

There are some lines that connect these names to Bray Wyatt, though some are more obvious than others. Scarlett and Karrion Kross occupy the same spooky vibe as Wyatt, speaking in riddles and trying to get into the heads of opponents. There's also the hourglass that accompanied some of the White Rabbit teases. The hourglass is a key item for Kross' gimmick.

Bruan Strowman has worked with Wyatt in the past, spending some real time as a member of the Wyatt Family earlier in his WWE career. Those two linking up would make plenty of sense.

The most intriguing name here is Dexter Lumis, a serial stalker character who currently exists to frighten other superstars. In one of his first appearances since his return, Lumis was seen holding a door open backstage in an episode of Monday Night Raw. When Wyatt's Fiend story began, "Let Me In" was a major part of the gimmick. With the red light over the door and Wyatt-style gloves on Lumis' hand, fans have been predicting their connection for some time.

Would you like to see Bray Wyatt return with an entire faction? How long do you think the White Rabbit teases will continue? Let us know in the comments!