WWE Reveals Carmella Is Mystery Return on SmackDown

Last night's SmackDown was full of surprises, and included in that mix was the big reveal of the mystery woman that's been teased over the past few weeks. Short vignettes have teased a returning superstar, and this week's SmackDown featured the full reveal that yes, it is indeed Carmella returning to WWE television. As we saw in the video, the Princess of Staten Island is no more, and throughout the promo, she addresses how she forgot who she was during all the dance party days. All that's over though, and she's all glammed up and ready to take her spot on SmackDown with a new gimmick and new attitude, and you can see what she had to say below.

"Sometimes you need to take a good hard look in the mirror to remember who you are, and I admit it, I forgot. I got a little...lost along the way, but know exactly who to blame," Carmella said. "And that's you...all of you. You wanted me to do things your way. Play by your rules. For me to dance around, have fun, and look where that got me. Absolutely nowhere. Then I remembered. I'm Carmella. I'm better than each and every one of you. Know what I'm not though...I'm not your princess anymore."

You can check out the video below.

"She's baaaack! 💄


The last iteration of Carmella was incredibly fun and made the 24/7 title chase something actually worthwhile. It had probably run its course to be fair, so I'm interested to see how this new Carmella can impact the current title scene. This could be more of a play for the future, as whenever Sasha Banks inevitably wins the SmackDown Women's Championship from Bayley she will need a full heel to go against, and a returning Carmella would definitely check that box.

You can find the official description for last night's SmackDown below.


"Roman Reigns will be officially crowned Tribal Chief, Sami Zayn and Jeff Hardy will battle in an Intercontinental Championship Match, and Kevin Owens comes to SmackDown for a special edition of "The KO Show" with Alexa Bliss."

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