WWE Clash At The Castle: Sami Zayn Topples Chad Gable in Intercontinental Match

Clash At The Castle reveals the winner of the Sami Zayn/Chad Gable brawl for the Intercontinental Title.

Following this year's WrestleMania, Sami Zayn has been riding high as WWE's current Intercontinental Champion. Leaving behind his tenure with the Bloodline and continuing to be a fan-favorite despite no longer being a "heel", Zayn had a lot to prove in Scotland. At this year's Clash At The Castle, the Intercontinental Champ takes on Chad Gable in the ring, with the challenger accompanied by the Alpha Academy. 

Sami took control of the match early on, manhandling Chad at the two began their championship match. In one display, the Intercontinental Champion bounced on the ropes of the ring which seemed to rub salt in the wound for Gable. Following this, Zayne once again proved that despite no longer being a "bad guy" in World Wrestling Entertainment's roster, Sami still has the ability to be a cerebral assassin as he continued to plant seeds inside the head of Otis at ringside. 

Zayn Retains

Despite Zayn taking an advantage early on, Gable was no slouch when it came to putting up a fight to be the new Intercontinental Champion. Sami was favoring his left arm, and the Alpha Academy member was more than willing to take advantage of this fact. In a major twist, Maxine had the opportunity to clock Sami with the title belt but couldn't bring herself to do it, causing her to receive a talking down to from Chad himself. It seems that Zayn's machinations paid off in the end, as Otis stopped Chad from taking swings at Maxine. 

While Gable might have thought that Otis and Maxine would net him the victory, the pair turned their back on Chad as they were unwilling to take shots on Sami when the referee's back was turned. Ultimately, Zayn retained his title and claimed victory as the Alpha Academy seemingly has split ways. 

One interesting element to note in the match, which viewers might have missed if they blinked, was a scary visuals that flashed for a few seconds. The message read, "You were warned. Told to prepare. You will behold. The massacre is coming." While nothing was revealed regarding this unsettling interruption, many WWE fans immediately thought that this is another tease at Uncle Howdy, the long-awaited spiritual entity that has themes from Bray Wyatt's The Fiend character. 

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