Olympic Gold Medalist Tamyra Mensah-Stock Wants To Join The WWE

The WWE has been no stranger when it comes to integrating athletes from other fields to add as [...]

The WWE has been no stranger when it comes to integrating athletes from other fields to add as superstars within the organization, and it seems that recent Olympic Gold Medalist Tamyra Mensah-Stock has shared her dream of entering the ring and becoming a World Wrestling Entertainment superstar. Mensah-Stock recently had an interview hot on the heels of her Summer Games win wherein she expressed her desire to become a professional wrestler within the WWE, joining plenty of other superstars that have transitioned from another field of athletics into the squared circle.

Mensah-Stock wouldn't be the first superstar to have won an Olympic gold medal before entering the ring, with WWE's Kurt Angle having done the same, giving him the perfect opportunity to show off the skills he learned wrestling for the United States and doing so in front of crowds as a member of World Wrestling Entertainment. While Angle has since left the WWE, with many believing that it's only a matter of time until he joins the distinguished competition at All Elite Wrestling, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if Tamyra was given the opportunity to join the likes of Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley, and Asuke to name a few for at the very least a limited time.

WWE itself shared the recent interview with Tamyra Mensah-Stock in which the female wrestler who recently took home the gold expressed her desire to become a superstar within World Wrestling Entertainment, proving that the organization has definitely taken notice of the athlete:

Olympic wrestlers haven't been the only professional athletes that have made the jump to the world of the WWE and AEW, with football players from the National Football League and even basketball players such as Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone taking the opportunity to briefly jump into the squared circle. While there is no confirmation that Tamyra Mensah-Stock is set to join the WWE, the fact that the organization took notice of her dream in the latest interview certainly makes the odds that much better.

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