Rey Mysterio Promises Massive Announcement Tomorrow

Rey Mysterio took to Twitter on Tuesday with the promise of a major announcement coming later this week. The former WWE Champion wrote, "December 9, 2021 Remember that date! I'll reveal some very exciting news that will change the history of Rey Mysterio. More details coming soon!" Mysterio has been working alongside his son, Dominik, on WWE television for over a year and earlier this year made history by becoming the first father-son tag team champions in WWE history. 

It's unclear what the Lucha libre legend's announcement could be. He's the focal point of the WWE 2K22 showcase, so perhaps he's being announced as the cover star for the upcoming game? He's openly talked about Dominik inheriting his mask at some point, so maybe the wheels are finally set in motion for that? Or maybe he simply has more merchandise on the way as part of his deal with Canadian brand Roots of Fight. Tell us what you think the announcement will be down in the comments! 

Despite many fans assuming a Rey vs. Dominik feud is bound to happen, Rey has consistently pushed back against the idea of fighting his son. 

"I think in a perfect world I would love to step out of the ring, and kind of just pass the torch onto my son. You know a lot of people talk about the possible turn, and father vs. son," Mysterio told TalkSport in September. "For me, it would mean much more to take my mask off and say, 'Here. It's your time. I'm stepping away. Continue with this. Write it.'"

He's also made the bold claim that his son will someday be a batter in-ring performer. He told TMZ recently, — "I've told my son from the beginning, you're gonna be better than your old man and I keep saying this over and over and over to him. I can't wait for the day for him to become his own man, although in a way he already is and for me it's hard as a father to kind of let him go and fly on his own, but I truly believe in my heart, and I don't just say this so he can stamp it in his head, but he's gonna be better than his old man."