WWE: Roman Reigns Can't Stop Laughing As Kevin Owens Heckles A Fan

Kevin Owens may be the longest reigning Universal champion in WWE history but he is also quite possibly the funniest guy on the roster. Whether it be his banter with Y2J, continually not knowing the names of backstage announcers, or mercilessly destroying people on Twitter, Owens never misses an opportunity to unleash his straight-faced humor on the WWE universe. You would think the rest of the RAW roster would be used to it by now, but that was apparently not the case for Roman Reigns.

During Wednesday's Raw brand live event in Brooklyn, Owens had Reigns in a chinlock and began running down a fan at ringside by bragging about how much money he makes. It was all way too much for Reigns, who tried to cover his face to hide the laughter.

We should probably give Roman Reigns more credit than Owens here. Reigns has had to sit in that chinlock night after night for the past two months. It's nothing short of a miracle that this is the first time he's broke character; especially considering most of the jokes are aimed at his conditioning routine.


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