Student Builds Functional Batman Combat Suit


One Batman fan has taken the New 52 approach to his cosplay, choosing function over fashion for a combat-ready Batsuit that can withstand physical blows, baseball bats, and even machetes. 


A Philadelphia University student by the name of Jackson—wait for it—Gordon constructed his own self-designed Dark Knight armor out of kevlar and silicone molds. But since since his net-worth falls more on the side of Ramen-eating college student than billionaire industrialist, Gordon (that’s what he prefers to go by, naturally) took to Kickstarter to fund his suit. After successfully raising over $1,200 in 30 days, Gordon then built the suit in just under two months. And he didn't even need a butler to help him.

The finished suit clocks in about 25 pounds, with the protective cowl comprising 3 of those pounds. Despite the hefty weight, Gordon said that he hardly notices it. 

“If this were to inhibit my movement, it would be completely useless,” Gordon, an industrial design student,  told USA Today. Hey, as long as Gordon’s batsuit lets him turn his head, then it’s already a win. 

With his batsuit ready for combat—and parading—Gordon displayed it at Maryland’s Katsucon, earlier this month, where he invited numerous con attendees to assault him as much as they pleased. Sure enough, the suit held.



But the real question bat-fans should ask is: How does it do against Rottweilers and chihuahuas?

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    • Blue42
    • 1 Posts in 22 Months

    Should do fine against cats

    • Killjoy
    • 16 Posts in 22 Months

    If you want it to be functional, then make it a full helmet and cover the mouth. 

  1. This Gordon fella seems short legged.

    • Mark
    • 2 Posts in 24 Months

    He raised $1,2000? How much is that? Is it $1,200 or is it $12,000?Your article needs a little proof reading.

  2. It's funny, I always thought that if Batman were real, he would have body armor UNDER a fabric suit. This would make him appear both bigger and as though he WEREN'T wearing any armor. As far as a psyhcological edge against your opponents, these would go a long way.

    This is pretty much the modern take on his costume in the comics, where he is drawn as though he's wearing a skintight suit, but when it gets damaged it is drawn as having armor underneath it.

    But the funny thing is that it wouldn't work that well as a movie version because you'd have to explain all of that, while the movie suits are all made to look like they're clearly armor, so that viewers realize he's fully protected.

    All that said, this looks more like a functional suit than a cosplay recreation. In other words, I've seen better looking batsuits from cosplayers, but this looks like it would actually offer some real protection.

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