Jada Pinkett Smith Not Returning For Gotham Season 2

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    • Chuckie
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    i'm totally okay with this, ive said numerous times that i thought she was the worst part of the show.  this news makes me very happy

  1. I suppose I might try watching the second season, then. She was never that great, and I'm hoping that less of her means more of Gordon and the main plot. This show might actually be watchable if they weren't just rushing through the GCPD side of things to get back to Penguin staring creepily at organized crime from five feet away. 

    • DarkWater
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    Best news ever. Kill her off and she won't keep dragging the show down.

  2. Personally I've loved the way she fills every scene with controlled malevolence, cutting a swathe through towards wherever she's headed, delicately chomping her way through the scenery as she goes with gay abandon...She is to Gotham what Michelle Gomez is to Dr Who.

    • WarbirdX
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    I seriously can't believe this show is taking a 2 month hiatus with only 3 episodes left.  Unbelievable.

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