Jeremy Renner Says No Mask Is Coming For Hawkeye


Over the weekend, Jeremy Renner was featured as Wizard World Chicago's main event and final big panel.

During the panel, Renner, who plays Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, took questions from the crowd. One young fan wanted to know if Renner's Hawkeye would ever put on a mask, like his purple comic book counterpart.

To the young boy's dismay, Renner told him, "No, I don't wear a mask," adding, "You know the Ultimates version of Hawkeye?"

The topic quickly changed as Renner played along with the enthusiastic fan dressed as his Avengers character asking, "Where's your mask?"


Do you want to see Hawkeye put on a mask and pay a little homage in the movies to his comic book roots? Or do you prefer the Hugh Jackman Wolverine approach where a different look is made acceptable?

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  1. I say he should put the mask on...he just looks like a cia operative.....also..dea agents wear masks when they make protect their families...if I wanted to punish hawkeye..i'd find his family..and butcher them horribly.....and then laugh at him when hebut in dying..i know I caused him even more pain than he just did

  2. MCU is heavily ultimate based so sure.

  3. If he wasnt already a celebrity like hero in the mcu id say yeah but the only characters that even have secret identities are ant man and daredevil(also the early spiderman we havent seen yet) maybe a mask on hawkeye would be a good easter egg or one scener. Now on subject of hugh jackman if these is his last wolverine movie(supposedly) id like them to at least try the mask once. Even though it hasnt been in a movie its still an iconic mast and im suprised we havent seen it.. my idea if the movie ends up being old man logan have him get the yellow suit for the final epic fight /swan song for wolverine.

  4. If Wolvie does not have one in his last movie, I will never watch anything with Jackman again... I know it is not his fault, but he already made me dislike Wolverine and he used to be on my top 5 just for the attitude that Jackman never got right.... I guess except for the single scene cameo in First class....


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