Top Five Future Comic Book TV Shows We’re Most Excited About

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    Earp's not a blonde? Well that sucks already, enjoyed the Image comic book series, this will just take me away from the character. Dark Matter season 2 needs to be a lot better to actually hold my interest, but it is fun in places, true.

    DC Legends, the most excited for since day one, cannot wait! Same goes with Daredevil, mainly to do with Punisher being in it.

    Is it just me or does Cage not feel like upcoming, basically well had a lot of Cage in Jessica Jones, still looking forward to his solo show though. More so Iron Fist, wanna see how that turns out.

    Is Damage Control actually out or coming out or even gonna be made? I hope it does, I read the first mini series from Marvel and liked it a lot.

    No love for Lucifer? 

    Great read but what do you mean next year, its 2016 now? Happy New Years! :P

    Outcast, never read the comic and saw the teaser, looks deep.

  1. They better not do damage control, just like Marvels most wanted shouldn't have gone thro, shield and AG carter are fine thanks

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  3. What about Preacher?

    • _L0Bo_
    • 3197 Posts in 25 Months

    Pennyworth said ... (original post)

    What about Preacher?

    ^ Preacher will be the nuts!

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