Arrow's David Ramsey Teases Another Crossover With The Flash

(Photo: The CW)

Yesterday afternoon, Arrow actor David Ramsey apparently paid a visit to the writers' room for The Flash...

...which currently seems to be housed in what looks like a hospital room.

That could raise questions of its own -- who's in the hospital and why? -- but all that curiosity is being overshadowed by Ramsey's implication that there's another Arrow/The Flash crossover coming up this season:


Made a visit to #theflash writers room.. Can only mean one thing.. #arrow&theflash

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The last crossover, which aired last month and featured episodes titled "Legends of Yesterday" and "Legends of Today," set up much of the story for DC's Legends of Tomorrow and served as a kind of introductory "movie" for Hawkgirl and Hawkman.

While last season saw a number of cameo appearances by Arrow characters on The Flash and vice versa, there was only one big "crossover" storyline. Then again, they didn't need to spend their crossover building up a spinoff. It's possible the writers had a "Flarrow" idea that just couldn't wait until next season.

(Maybe because there is at least one Arrow character who won't make it until next season, any story that would require that person has to happen now?)

From a strategic point of view, doing a second, large-scale Arrow/The Flash crossover would be an interesting move for The CW. The episodes are routinely among the season's highest-rated, a huge boon for the network since The Flash and Arrow are already among its top shows. It could be argued, though, that some of the ratings appeal of the crossover is that they're rare and unusual -- something that would be undermined if fans could start expecting more than one of them per year.

We reached out to both The CW and WB for comment and will update as soon as we hear back.

What do you think readers? Do you want to see another Flash/Arrow crossover? Let us know in the comments below.

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    • rekta1981
    • 117 Posts in 22 Months

    i think this has more to do with what we saw at the end of season 4 premiere of arrow than anything else

  1. Sure, while going through some random theories about who is in the grave (as have we all). I had the passing idea while watching whatever episode of the Flash that was, was that maybe Robert Queen takes the journey himself, maybe chasing Zoom, maybe he saves Jesse making Harrison's plans moot, or maybe he is just curious and the Flash people propose a father/son reunion and for whatever reason only Oliver and Diggle come (this might gel with Felicity being paralyzed idea and that the rest of the women stay back with her) to see about this. And then, well, maybe Robert agrees with, let's see, Nyssa, most of the audience, Thea more often than not, Laurel, etcetera, and disagrees with the way Oliver has dealt with Malcolm. And we might have been wrong about the "him" Oliver was pissed at if Robert dies. Also, theoretically, it is over in Earth 2 where before the boat, that Oliver impregnated another girl and that child is Conner Hawke, who might have had a relationship with his grandfather that he will someday takeover.

  2. I would love to see another crossover happen it would spike up the audience a lot

    • SuperTim
    • 1549 Posts in 20 Months

    I so wish The Flash's ridiculous-looking suit would get a proper redesign. I could deal with the excessive lightening bolts if I had too, but the conflicting materials drive me nuts. It's one of the most poorly made super suits I've ever seen in a series. Or a film for that matter.

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