Steve Rogers Returns As Captain America With A New Costume And Shield In New Series

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  1. Not surprised black man wasn't going to stay captain for that much longer I wonder how he's going to throw that shield

  2. Did you miss the part where it said Sam was still going to be Captain America? Try reading the article next time!

  3. Bummer. I was excited to see an era of Sam and the new Falcon. Also, that costume's pretty gross :(

    • _L0Bo_
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    Like everyone didn't know he'd come back, whats this, the 3rd, 4th time? lol. Looks like he got his old shield (or Black Knights) and repainted it. USAgent should be Cap again, loved that story line.

    • SuperTim
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    Damn, Marvel...can you guys do anything write in print anymore? Two Captains Americarunning around. Three Spider-Men swinging around. Poorly conceived costume redesigns. Terrible pencil work. Every announcement being made just makes me sad.

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