Exclusive: New 'Batman Ninja' Dub Clip Pits Batman Against Lord Joker


Exclusive: New 'Batman Ninja' Dub Clip Pits Batman Against Lord Joker

The Walking Dead: More Conflict Between Carol And Morgan Is Coming

TWD Morgan Carol

"Some people are going to die, that is one hundred percent true," says The Walking Dead's writer and creator about this weekend's midseason premiere. Suffice it to say, on top of the 1,300 walkers roaming the streets, tensions are high in Alexandria.

Not only do we have to worry about Rick, Jessie, and their group making it safely out of the walls as they attempt to blend in with the undead, but we also have some human to human conflict going on. More specifically, Carol and Morgan just duked it out and they're still trapped in a house together.

"I would say that the conflict between him and Carol is only beginning. I would expect to see, a little bit more of that in the back half of the season as Morgan is still finding his place within this group," Kirkman told EW about the two opposing characters. "Morgan has a very solidified way of thinking that he truly believes in that is at times very much in conflict with almost everyone in Rick’s group, and that’s going to be a huge part of this back half of the season."

We'll have to wait and see what happens starting with The Walking Dead's return this Sunday at 9 PM ET on AMC.