Nickelodeon Announces Legends Of The Hidden Temple Movie, Hey, Arnold! Event


Nickelodeon announced this week that it will be reviving two of its most popular retired titles: Legends of the Hidden Temple and Hey, Arnold!.

The revival will be short but hopefully sweet. Legends of the Hidden Temple is being adapted into a live-action TV movie based on the popular 90s game show and Hey, Arnold will see a two-part TV movie coming. A release date for the two television events has yet to be announced.

“There’s a tremendous amount of attention on kids these days. What that says is there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity – not unlike what is going on in the grownup space,” said Cyma Zarghami, president of Viacom’s cable networks aimed at kids and families. “There is just more content everywhere.”

With the new programming announcements, Nickelodeon also revealed a new slate of "happy reality" programs, like All In, which will follow Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton and Crashletes, a half-hour series that will feature viral sports clips.

via Variety

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    • DarkWater
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    I hate how they say kids, because anyone that watched both of those shows are 25 or older. I personally don't think being in your twenties makes you a kid. I'm 29, enjoyed Hey Arnold and hope this movie captures the feel of the old show. It will be interesting to see the characters older and if any romance happened between anyone, maybe a marriage. If Helga and Arnold married each other that would be exciting and cool.

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