Marvel Releases Civil War II Teaser Poster Featuring Thor

Civil War II

Marvel has unveiled a new teaser poster for Civil War II.

The poster features Thor and tagline, “Protect the Future. Change the Future.”

The tagline seems to be referencing the core conflict of the event series, involving an Inhuman that can see crimes before they happen.

Civil War II Teaser

We’re not entirely sure if this clearly states which side of the conflict Thor will be joining, Iron Man’s or Captain Marvel’s, but we have already seen preview art of her flying into battle with the X-Men and Inhumans at her side.

Civil War II will be written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by David Marquez. The conflict begins in FCBD Civil War II #1, releasing in comic book stores for Free Comic Book Day on May 7, 2016.



    • _L0Bo_
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    Thor's got man-boobs.


    • Losls2
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    This Thor as a woman thing is really stupid. There were plenty of female Asgardian badasses already, including an entire army of reapers called Valkyrie.