The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Warns Of Intense Violence

Norman Reedus

In early December, The Walking Dead aired its mid-season finale for season three. About a week later, the Parents Television Council expressed concern over the scenes of graphic and brutally intense violence and gore in The Walking Dead. Parents Television Council President Tim Winter wrote to the Chairman of the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board asking them to address what he felt was the blatant misrating of the show.

In mid-December, there was a horrific mass shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut that left twenty students and six adults dead. The Sandy Hook shooting was in no way connected to the Walking Dead, but the tragedy has focused public attention on violence in video games, TV shows, and movies.

Last night, episodes of The Walking Dead returned once again to AMC as part of a season three marathon. Before the episodes, AMC aired a disclaimer warning viewers about graphic violence on the show and mentioning the Connecticut tragedy. In the video, Norman Reedus said, ā€œIā€™m Norman Reedus, and I play Daryl Dixon. Everyone at The Walking Dead and AMC are deeply saddened by the recent events in Connecticut. In light of this tragedy, we want to remind you that The Walking Dead contains some intensely violent scenes. While the show takes place in a fictional world, parental and viewer discretion are strongly advised.ā€