New Iron Man 3 Poster Teaser

Iron Man 3 Poster Teaser

You know how movie studios have taken to releasing teasers for new trailers for highly anticipated movies. For example, Marvel Studios released a fourteen second teaser for their thirty second Super Bowl commercial. Even the thirty second Iron Man 3 Super Bowl commercial was somewhat of a teaser for an extended ninety second Iron Man 3 trailer online.

Well, if it works for movie trailers, then it should work for movie posters. Marvel Studios has just released a teaser for a new Iron Man 3 movie poster. The teaser is mostly blacked out, revealing only the eyes of Don Cheadle's character James Rhodes. It's unclear if James Rhodes is in either his Iron Patriot or War Machine armor.

Marvel did not reveal exactly when the full poster would be released, instead teasing on the Iron Man Facebook page, "Get excited, Iron Man fans! A new poster for Marvel’s Iron Man 3 will be revealed exclusively here on Facebook! Keep checking back!" We'll also post the full poster on once it's released, so keep checking back, you know. In the meantime, enjoy looking into Don Cheadle's eyes and imagining what's in all the blacked out space.

Iron Man 3 is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on May 3, 2013.