Pacific Rim Worldwide Box Office Tells A Brighter Story

Pacific Rim Box OfficeIt’s been a tumultuous weekend for Pacific Rim. While some in the media had been predicting the non-sequel original movie would flop, Pacific Rim surprised many with a strong Thursday night opening of $3.6 million at the domestic box office. The tide of opinion changed, and there were thoughts that Pacific Rim could even win the weekend.

However, Grown-Ups 2 roared back on Friday, winning the opening day battle between the two films. Ultimately though, holdover Despicable Me 2 proved to be the true champion at the domestic box office, winning the weekend.

Now, media outlets are once again back to calling Pacific Rim a disappointment. But is it really? While the domestic box office tends to drive media headlines, it’s the worldwide box office that ultimately determines a movie’s success or failure. And the international box office for Pacific Rim tells a much brighter story.

Pacific Rim made $53 million in 38 foreign markets, bringing in a worldwide box office of $91.3 million. While Pacific Rim might have been third at the domestic box office, the film was second at the worldwide box office. Even though Despicable Me won the international box office with $55.7 million and the worldwide box office with $100.5 million, the film was in 50 foreign markets, twelve more than Pacific Rim.

With Pacific Rim yet to open in several important foreign markets, the film could wind up doing extremely well at the international box office, even if it’s domestic debut gets labeled a disappointment.