Jeremy Renner Reveals Fate Of Hawkeye In Avengers: Age Of Ultron

On an upcoming episode of Larry King Now, Jeremy Renner, the actor who plays Hawkeye in the Marvel Studios cinematic universe, has revealed his character’s fate in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Potential vague SPOILERS follow.

In a discussion about how Renner came to play Hawkeye, and what kind of acting depth it takes to perform in a superhero movie, host Larry King eventually asked Renner, point blank, if he dies in the next Avengers film.

“No man, I don’t die. They are going to keep me around for a while,” Renner explained.

There have been some murmuring from fans that at least one Avenger would likely be killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron, in order to maintain the idea that these characters are in real danger when they come into conflict in these movies. It seems that, unless Renner is just outright lying, Hawkeye is in the clear.

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens May 1, 2015. The full Jeremy Renner episode of Larry King Now airs the week of October 6.

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    • sammjh
    • 15 Posts in 29 Months

    Come on. He would never say he is going to die even if he hated them because it'd ruin the plot. This doesn't mean anything imo.

  1. There has been talks of him being cast in Cap 3.  That could be a smokescreen for his death in Ultron. 

    • Overcon
    • 1 Posts in 28 Months

    because in all likelyhood it will be Ironman. Downey want's out and they are killing off Wolverine and Deadpool so why not Ironman? It is, after all, Jarvis that turns into Ultron :)

    • wlk68
    • 2 Posts in 28 Months

    I thought Jarvis became Vision and Ultron was a separate entity.

  2. If they are talking about Hakeye in Cap 3 I think it's safe to assume that both he and Cap will survive. As for Iron Man/Tony Stark... Maybe not.

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