Jeremy Renner Reveals Fate Of Hawkeye In Avengers: Age Of Ultron 14


On an upcoming episode of Larry King Now, Jeremy Renner, the actor who plays Hawkeye in the Marvel Studios cinematic universe, has revealed his character’s fate in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Potential vague SPOILERS follow.

In a discussion about how Renner came to play Hawkeye, and what kind of acting depth it takes to perform in a superhero movie, host Larry King eventually asked Renner, point blank, if he dies in the next Avengers film.

“No man, I don’t die. They are going to keep me around for a while,” Renner explained.

There have been some murmuring from fans that at least one Avenger would likely be killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron, in order to maintain the idea that these characters are in real danger when they come into conflict in these movies. It seems that, unless Renner is just outright lying, Hawkeye is in the clear.

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens May 1, 2015. The full Jeremy Renner episode of Larry King Now airs the week of October 6.

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  1. sammjh

    Come on. He would never say he is going to die even if he hated them because it'd ruin the plot. This doesn't mean anything imo.

  2. tboneslim

    There has been talks of him being cast in Cap 3.  That could be a smokescreen for his death in Ultron. 

  3. Overcon

    because in all likelyhood it will be Ironman. Downey want's out and they are killing off Wolverine and Deadpool so why not Ironman? It is, after all, Jarvis that turns into Ultron :)

  4. wlk68

    I thought Jarvis became Vision and Ultron was a separate entity.

  5. Anonymous2267

    If they are talking about Hakeye in Cap 3 I think it's safe to assume that both he and Cap will survive. As for Iron Man/Tony Stark... Maybe not.

  6. Stevie

    Because noone in comics has ever died and come back..... ever.

    (and especially not a character in an Avengers movie..... ever!)

  7. Avengingcap82

    So I'm just throwing this out there, but since cap already has a release date, hulk, widow, and marvel wants another iron man. So what if its Thor? No real talks about a third and marvel just changed up cap falcon and Thor in the comics. Possibly if they are going of the avenges assemble cartoon show vision was created by ultron and then destroyed by him but just my bullshit. Can only wait and see.

  8. KnightRider

    The guy who is playing winter sodlier aka Bucky was signed on for a 9 movie contract and cap has about 3 movies left which included Cap 2, in the comics after caps "death" bucky becomes Captian america ....Maybe its Cap

  9. Cap

    I don't think it will be either Hawkeye or Captain America.  I think it may be War Machine. Why?  Because Ultron will want to destroy Tony Stark. How do you get his attention?  Kill his best friend then upgrade the armor and have it destroy the Avengers.  Every one of the Avengers  will get messed up in this movie. 

  10. Brutesy

    Thats absolutely correct, but rogers comes back and gives bucky his blessing to be cap, then rogers takes over as head of shield if i remember right

  11. Anonymous792

    @Overcon Nah. Downey is already signed for Avengers 3 and far from wanting out, he's up for Iron Man 4+. Quicksilver would make the most sense to me. Jarvis doesn't turn into Ultron, he's a seperate creation.

  12. Joseph

    @Avengingcap82 Thor 3 has already been confirmed for Phase 3; it just doesn't have a date yet. Two writers for it have been announced with Kevin Feige producing again.

  13. Anonymous2939

    It would be cool if it was Thor and we got to see him in Hel for Thor 3.That way there's no stupid earth crap to turn it into the crap-fest Thor 2 was.

  14. Anawilson

    Hawkeye acting in avengers 2 is great and his fans really love him like me  and his style is good and i like all superheros but this hawkeye character is my favourite and his jacket i love it and i buy his jacket from online store