Pokemon Go Rumored to Get New EX Raid in December

An alleged email from Niantic's Japanese Customer Support may have revealed what's coming up for Pokemon Go.

Before we jump into this new rumor, we should stress that it's just that: an unsubstantiated rumor. While the source passes the initial "smell test" (i.e., the source doesn't contain the usual grammatical errors that you see in obvious hoaxes and/or fakes), we haven't received corroboration of the rumor...at least, not yet.

Earlier today on Reddit, a poster on /r/PokemonGo shared an email from what he claimed was Niantic's Japanese Support group. The email contained several new pieces of information, specifically about upcoming plans for EX Raids.

According to the email, Pokemon Go has completed EX Raid field tests for Mewtwo in Japan, which means that players won't have any more opportunities to battle and catch Mewtwo until its worldwide release.

However, Mewtwo won't be the first Pokemon to get a "worldwide" EX Raid release. Pokemon Go will instead release Ho-Oh as an EX Raid Boss after the Legendary Beasts finish their worldwide rotation in November. The email also referenced the already confirmed Halloween event, which will take place later this month, and the upcoming Totorri event that will take place in Japan at the end of November.

While we can't substantiate that the email is real, we can confirm that the person who wrote it was fluent in Japanese and that it doesn't contain any noticeable grammatical errors. The information in the email also seems to confirm why Pokemon Go didn't send out any EX Raid invites this week.

Of course, Pokemon Go players have speculated that Ho-Oh would be an EX Raid Boss for months, so this could be a case of someone trying to trick the fanbase with information that feels real and can't be immediately disproven.

We'll keep you update on whether we hear anything back from Niantic, or whether any new information comes to light.