'The Gifted': Strucker Family Stars React To Reed's Big Choice

Tonight’s episode of The Gifted featured a crucial decision by Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer), and now the rest of the Strucker family is weighing in.

Spoilers for The Gifted’s third episode, “eXodus,” follow.

In last week’s episode of The Gifted, Reed made a deal with Sentinel Services agent Jace Turner that would have Reed leading the agency to the Mutant Underground in exchange for the safety of Reed’s family. In tonight’s episode, the plan went forward, but when Reed was faced with the reality that he’d be turning over many other families just like his own, he decided he couldn’t go through with it and broke his agreement with Turner.

Reed had to make that decision unilaterally, but ComicBook.com wondered what Reed’s family may have thought about the decision he made. Reed’s wife, Caitlin, had to face some hard truths about her family’s situation in this episode and Amy Acker, the actress who plays Caitlin, believes those revelations would have influenced how she felt about Reed’s choice.

“I think that’s where the change in the character has happened,” Acker says. “If it had been before the pilot, I think she would have agreed with him [making the deal], but now, being exposed to what she’s seen, I think she’d be pretty pissed.”

Similarly, stars Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hines White, who play the mutant Strucker children Lauren and Andy, believe their characters wouldn’t have been willing to sacrifice the mutant community they’ve only recently joined.

“I think for me...its that both of our characters, we’re not fighting for the human side, we’re not fighting for the mutant side, we’re fighting for what’s right, and him giving up everybody that’s in this mutant society, I know that my character definitely would have never seen him the same way,” Lind says. “My character would have definitely disowned him because you’re creating a family even though you haven’t known these people for a long time.”

“It’s the one place that we fit in, and then for him to just ruin it all just so he could see us again, its kind of...I think we would both just not want to be his children anymore,” White explains.

“Because you’re taking away your own kind,” Lind adds. “This is our kind. We’re not human anymore. We’re mutants, so taking away our society, that would have killed us.”

The fallout of Reed’s decision is sure to play out through the remainder of The Gifted’s first season.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.