Masters of the Universe To Be Written By Thor: Ragnarok Screenwriter

Sony Pictures and Escape Artists have Christopher Yost to rewrite the Masters of the Universe script.

Yost was part of Marvel's writers room, having contributed to the first two Thor films, before being tapped to co-write Thor: Ragnarok with Craig Kyle.

Yost will now have to rework the Masters of the Universe reboot, which already had screenwriters Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) attempt to crack.

Masters of the Universe was a popular cartoon/toyline from the 1980s that was set in the fantastical land of Eternia. It featured Prince Adam, who could transform into the heroic He-Man, doing battle against Skeletor, who was devoted to taking control of Castle Grayskull.

A live-action film, starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella, was produced in 1987. It was panned by critics and left fans with a sour taste in their mouths as it veered too far from the source material.