Max Landis Pitches His Man Of Steel Sequel Idea

(Photo: ScreenJunkies)

On the Screen Junkies Youtube show Movie Fights, Max Landis was interviewed, and talked about his love of Superman - you know, for a change.

There, he was specifically asked off the top of his head to pitch his version of Man of Steel 2. Now, some of what he pitched, he admitted, overlaps with what will likely be covered in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it's still fun to hear about how this particular screenwriter and admitted Superman fanboy would handle some of the more controversial moments from the first movie.

"After the events of Man of Steel, Superman is universally reviled, and Clark has PTSD, quits being Superman entirely." He compared the destruction done to Metropolis to "ten 9/11s."

In his pitch, he hs Clark going to interview Lex Luthor, who he casts Tom Hanks into the role, and has Luthor as a mentor to the new hero. Batman comes to him and warns him about Luthor. There's some Justice League action in there too - it doesn't seem like Landis is too far off from Dawn of Justice at all, though his takes on a few of the details are probably significantly different.

The video brings some of elements from other films together for a little fan-trailer, to boot. At about 7:20, he gives his own edits, and even some ideas for a third Superman movie in the universe. Check it out above, and start fighting about his thoughts in the comments.