Toys R Us Gift Cards Can Be Redeemed At Bed, Bath & Beyond

If you've been holding on to your Toys "R" Us gift cards, you've got one more option to take advantage of.

Bed, Bath & Beyond will still accept your Toys "R" Us gift cards as part of its Card Cash program, which allows you to turn in gift cards from over 200 retailers into Bed, Bath & Beyond store credit. Unfortunately, you will have to do it soon, as the retailer announced that Thursday 11:59 p.m. ET is the cut off (via ABC7NY).

Now, an important thing to note when taking advantage of this is that it won't be for the exact same amount. The exchange rate depends on the store, so if you turn in a $100 gift card from Toys "R" Us using the program you'll get around $64.00 of store credit with Bed, Bath & Beyond. That will likely change as well over the next day or so, so better to do it sooner rather than later.

The gift card also has to be of the $20 variety and up, and it can't include an expiration date. You can fill out the necessary forms here.

If you have a Toys "R" Us close to you though, you'll still get the maximum value from the gift card there until April 21, when the retailer will no longer honor gift cards.

The toy giant is in the midst of liquidation, though each location seems to differ in terms of sales and the like. There is still a bid in for the Canadian arm of Toys R Us, which is actually a separate company and will continue to operate. The hope was that 200 to 400 stores could be saved and moved over to that Canadian arm, but so far that has not been approved.


That movement was spearheaded by MGA Entertainment's CEO Isaac Larian, and he's still dedicated to trying his best to save the company.

"I think I have a business plan to, which I'm not going to disclose on the air right now, to turn this company but frankly I am a little disappointed why other companies and chief executives in the toy industry haven't come to the table to support this," Larian said. "You know we all made a lot of money from Toys "R" Us. I sold my first toy to Charles Lazarus in 1979 and I believe that I am in indebted to that legacy, and as long as the business would make sense at the right price, I'm going to do the best damn thing I can to save it."