'Arrow' Recap With Spoilers: A Very Lance Reunion in "Lost Canary"

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With familial issues between the Queen kids and twists and turns going on in the future of Star City, what's going to happen next? Find out what happened on tonight's episode of Arrow with our recap below. WARNING: spoilers ahead for "Lost Canary." If you have yet to watch the latest episode of Arrow, proceed with caution.

Felicity's trying to track down Laurel after the breaking of the scandal, but the latter won't answer her phone. It's soon revealed that a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Laurel as she's wanted for questioning in a murder. Felicity tries talking Dinah down off the decision, but the police chief won't budge.

Elsewhere, Laurel's seemingly working on forming a team of her own, first approaching Shadow Thief about a potential heist opportunity in Star City. Felicity does her own work and realizes Emiko was the one to kill the criminal Laurel is accused of killing, but it's too late, she and Shadow Thief have already stolen at least $100,000 in the heist.

On another heist, the two are about to steal $10 million worth of diamonds, but they're stopped by Dinah. Before long, Dinah is joined by Sara Lance and the group starts fighting but thieves eventually escape. Using computers at the precinct, Dinah's able to track the pair to a local warehouse. When Dinah and Felicity converge on the location, they uncover a bomb that Laurel's rigged to explode, and the two narrowly escape harm.

Sara's able to track Laurel down to the grave their father, but she isn't able to talk sense into her Earth-2 sister. Laurel leaves to go on another heist with Shadow Thief. Laurel realizes that Shadow Thief is looking to steal a weapon that will kill a large amount of Star City residents, and we find out Laurel is actually undercover. She works with Sara, Dinah, and Felicity in their fight, but Shadow Thief is able to escape.

Later in the night, Laurel reveals to Dinah and Felicity that she plans on going back to Earth-2.

Arrow airs Monday nights on The CW beginning at 9/8 p.m. Central.

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