Wendy's Bringing Back Spicy Chicken Nuggets This Monday

Foodies should be marking their calendars, as one of the best fast food items is making its triumphant return. Wendy's has announced that its spicy chicken nuggets are headed back to the menu, sooner than you may think.

Check out the official spicy nuggets announcement from Wendy's:

Yes, Monday, August 12th will mark the return of Spicy Chicken Nuggets to Wendy's, and since we never know how long these treasures will last, it's best to get your hands on them ASAP! In a second bit of good news, Wendy's has revealed that the nuggets will also be offered in a "4 for $4" deal.

Wendy's is the epitome of a "Jack-of-all-trades" fast food restaurant, but that hasn't stopped it for distinguishing itself in several key areas. While Chic-fil-A may hold the title for being the chicken king these days, Wendy's has still managed to capture a share of that chicken market, particularly with its "spicy" line of nuggets and chicken sandwiches. The nuggets are a particular fan-favorite, which is why their return is inevitably a major event. Wendy's fans have been pushing for the Spicy Nuggets (first launched in 2017) to make a return, and Chance The Rapper helped push the agenda with a May tweet that went viral, after Wendy's challenged fans to show their love for Spicy Nuggets:


Well the movement was a success, and as you can see in the Twitter reactions below, fans are hyped for this return:

Get your Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggest starting Monday, August 12th.

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