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Everything We've Learned About The Justice League Movie

Brandon Davis


Over the past weekend, Warner Brothers opened their studio doors for select members of the press to offer the first real look at their upcoming Justice League movie.

With the visit came some major reveals and perspective of the film. Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, Ezra Miller and director Zack Snyder were all on hand as we were offered looks at each of the new costumes, concept art, and various sets from the film. We've rounded up every story below which may feel like a sensory over load at first but upon digestion will do nothing but get us hyped for the upcoming film.

Justice League Will Be Much More Inclusive For a Younger Audience

Justice League Producers Explain Where The Movie Picks Up:

Ben Affleck Promises More Humor and Fun in Justice League:

Ben Affleck Confirms Directing Batman Film, Shares Script Details:

Justice League's Cyborg Will Be Mostly CGI:

Bruce Wayne Will Build Tech For Other Justice Leaguers

Justice League Costume Descriptions:

Junkie XL Will Score Justice League:

Jesse Eisenberg Confirms Lex Luthor's Return for Justice League:

The Flash Costume in Justice League is 148 Pieces:

What the Justice League Producers Learned From Batman V Superman:

Set Description: Gotham City Iron Works:

Set Description: Gotham City Police Department Rooftop:

Set/New Vehicle Description: Batman's Crawler:

Set/Scene Description: Stryker's Island Ventilation Tower:

Batman Will Have More Than One Suit In Justice League:

Willem Dafoe's Role In Justice League Revealed:

The Flash's Age and Birthday Revealed:

Barry Allen Meets Bruce Wayne in First Clip From Justice League:

Ezra Miller's Barry Allen Might Be The Best Part of Justice League:

First Look At Justice League's Batmobile:

New Justice League Movie Logos Revealed:

Justice League Villain Confirmed As Steppenwolf:

Bruce Wayne Will Build Tech For Other Justice League Members:

The Flash Costume In Justice League is 148 Pieces:

Justice League Will Be Full Of Easter Eggs:

Justice League Will Be Much More Inclusive For Younger Audiences:

Origins Of The Mother Boxes Explained In Justice League

What The Justice League Producers Learned From Batman v. Superman:

Alex Ross Was An Inspiration For Justice League Costumes:

Zack Snyder And Geoff Johns Working On Project Together:

Justice League Set Visit Review: They're Listening

We're just getting started folks. For more on Justice League, the future of DC Films & more, keep it locked on

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