This 'Attack On Titan' And 'Kingdom Hearts' Crossover Weirdly Works

Attack on Titan has plenty of video games, but fans can’t help but want something more from the franchise. Thanks to one artist, fans can now imagine what it would be like if Kingdom Hearts had its own Attack on Titan tie-in, and the results somehow work out.

Over on Deviant Art, user Victor-Aizen shared their own take of an Attack on Titan crossover with Kingdom Hearts. The image, which can be seen here, shows Sora and Donald Duck teaming up with one familiar face. Rather than Goofy, Eren Jaeger has joined the duo as they scout out Kingdom Heart’s newest world of Wall Maria.

Oh, and there are Titans too. Don’t worry about that.

The fan-art shows two lumbering Titans heading towards Sora’s crew, and fans can guess how the Kingdom Hearts hero would use his gymnastic skills to take down the towering monsters.

Of course, Attack on Titan and Kingdom Hearts have almost zero chance of crossing over in the real world. Disney and Square Enix have turned the video game franchise into a branding tool, so Kodansha has little room to push Attack on Titan into one of the games. However, fans can still use this piece of fan-art as a fun what-if or even for cosplay inspiration.

Can you imagine a Heartless Titan? Now, that is something otakus would love to see at their local convention!

If you are looking for some more Kingdom Hearts and anime crossovers, the Victor-Aizen has a whole series meant for you. The artist has dropped Sora and his comrades into the worlds of Sword Art Online, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and more.

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