Here's How You Can Support Kyoto Animation In Wake Of Deadly Fire

Following the arson attack that befell Kyoto Animation Studio last week, fans and general good samaritans around the globe have united in order to help those affected by the tragedy. Many have taken to social media to post their support and deepest condolences to those affected with the hashtag #PrayForKyoAni, to bring notice to the incident and help those who were part of the Studio recover. Now, Crunchyroll, arguably the biggest streaming site for anime in the world, has posted a number of outlets that fans can access to help Kyoto Animation Studio and those that have been affected.

Crunchyroll shared a variety of ways for fans across the world to help Kyoto Animation Studio, including information on how to directly contribute to Kyoto itself following the arson attack with the hashtag of #KyoAniStrong:

Aside from simply donating directly to Kyoto Animation Studio, Crunchyroll encourages fans to offer a message of support for the animation house via social media or other means. Another method for fans to support the studio, as well as gain some cool merchandise, is to buy digital goods directly from their site. This includes buying high quality digital items for $2 a pop, which sends money directly into the pockets of those who need it the most.

Kyoto Animation Studio
(Photo: Kyoto Animation Studio)

Sentai Filmworks, which has recently made the news thanks to their ownership of the anime franchise, Battle of the Planets which will be adapted by Marvel's The Russo Brothers, has also started a GoFundMe Page in order to send money to Kyoto directly. Crunchyroll also suggests directly donating funds to the Animate stores in Japan, which will send money to Kyoto Animation Studio as well.


Finally, if you don't have money to contribute, please think of sharing memories of some of the amazing works that Kyoto Animation Studio has created in the past. A Silent Voice, K-On!, Full Metal Panic, and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid are just a few of the many, many titles that the animation house has had a hand in creating. To spread good will and memories that you've had of the anime supplier will go a long way toward raising awareness and letting others know of the plight that the animation studio has been going through this past week.

We here at will report any further details regarding this terrible tragedy. Our deepest thoughts and condolences are with those affected by this attack.