Fate/Zero Actor Ryotaro Okiayu Released From Hospital

The Fate/stay night franchise is one of the most popular franchises in the world, and a lot of that popularity is due to the hard work of the many folks who help bring the franchise's various anime series to life. So fans are definitely happy to see that one of its stars has successfully completely a surgery and has been released from the hospital. Ryotaro Okiayu, who has performed roles for both Fate/Zero and Fate/Apocrypha among many other things, revealed he now is on the path to recovery.

Okiayu took to Twitter to update fans on his recent cholecystectomy (gallblader removal), and stated that it was successful and he left the hospital. Hilariously, he also mentioned that he'll definitely be taking advantage of the pain medication.

Okiayu thanked fans for their support while assuring fans he was on the path to recovery, "Thank you for your comments and likes. Sorry to worry you. “The pain should peak on the day after surgery (Wed), so I think it will soon go away. I was relieved to be told by the doctor. After all, I will take advantage of my pain meds (LOL) If you laugh or cough, it will make a sound."


Thankfully, the tough times seem to have passed for Okiayu as fans enjoy hearing his work in tons of anime projects. Including his roles as the Berserker in Fate/Zero and Vlad the Impaler in Fate/Apocrypha, Okiayu has performed famous characters such as Bleach's Byakuya Kuchiki, The Prince of Tennis' Kunimitsu Tezuka, and Toriko's Toriko among many other projects.

For those unfamiliar with this Fate/stay night prequel, Fate/Zero takes place ten years prior to the events of Fate/stay night and follows the events that take place during the "Fourth Holy Grail War" with protagonist Kiritsugu Emiya leading the charge for the series. The Einzenbern family has lost the previous three "Holy Grail Wars" and is looking to finally make a name for themselves by taking home the victory with this latest war. Luckily, they have Emiya, "The Magus Killer" under their employ who will do whatever it takes for the family. Unfortunately for all the participants in this latest war, the Holy Grail may not be all that it seems. The series will soon be releasing a new Blu-ray featuring unaired and extended episodes from Aniplex of America.