Pokemon Fans Rediscover The Anime's Most Unsettling Battle

There have been some knock down, drag out fights that have taken place in the world of Pokemon across a number of different mediums. Players have experienced pitting their rosters against numerous trainers across multiple console with Pokemon video games. Ash Ketchum has recently struggled against a series of tough opponents in an attempt to win the coveted Alola League Tournament in the anime series, Pokemon: Sun and Moon. However, no battle was as unsettling as the one that was presented in the spin off anime series of Pokemon Origins!

Reddit User NebbyInTheBag56 shared this video that revisits the horrifying fight between Squirtle and Charmander, where the aquatic turtle type takes a bite of the tiny dragon's face and won't let go, creating some horrifying screams from the pinned creature:

Remember how brutal this was? from r/pokemon

Pokemon Origins decided to move outside of the world of Ash Ketchum, instead deciding to follow the Pokemon trainer of Red, the main protagonist of the Pokemon: Red video game. In this brief anime, the events followed more closely to the events that took place in the games overall, though we don't remember Charmander letting out a scream to haunt our dreams during any game.

(Photo: OLM Inc)

Once Red saw that his Charmander was in a dire spot, the Pokemon trainer calls back his screaming pocket monster, continuing the battle, though never again reaching these horrific heights. Luckily for the flame lizard, Pokemon can be healed relatively easily at any Pokemon center, across all mediums while staying in stasis within their Poke-Balls.


Squirtle has a number of different moves at its disposal with most of them causing the small amphibian to shoot out a series of water based attacks, so it's especially disconcerting to see one of the starter Pokemon go to such drastic limits in order to win a battle.

Can you think of any other brutal Pokemon fights from either the anime or the video games? What has been your favorite fight of the franchise to date? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Pokemon!