Godzilla Storms into Super Smash Bros with This Hype Trailer

Godzilla is one of those characters you don't have to know to love. The kaiju has been around for decades and cemented itself as a part of pop culture history. These days, Godzilla is on the rise thanks to his recent big-screen revivals, but fans want more. And thanks to one dedicated fan, Godzilla has gone from the theaters to the game console.

After all, Super Smash Bros. is always looking for the next character addition. If Masahiro Sakurai wished it, he could put Godzilla into the franchise, and a mod shows fans how the kaiju could turn the game up to eleven.

Below, you can find a now-viral video which introduces Godzilla to Super Smash Bros. The clip comes in at under two minutes, but it needed only a few seconds to prove why the kaiju needed to joint the franchise.

The video begins with a modded version of Godzilla joining the game. He is seen using his tail to whip fighters off the map before using his atomic breath on others. Looking at this character's move sets, Godzilla would make for an excellent tank in competitive play, and Godzilla sounds pretty perfect in the game.

As for his Final Smash? Well, Godzilla would do nothing less than greatness. The video ends with Donkey Kong taking the hit as the beast lays the ape out with a blast of energy. As Donkey Kong is KO'd by the move, Godzilla is left on the screen roaring to assert his dominance, and fans admit they'd like the kaiju to join Super Smash Bros. as soon as possible.


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Fans can currently see Godzilla run amok in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which is now available on Digital HD and 4K Ultra HD, and directed by Michael Dougherty, Godzilla: King of the Monsters stars Millie Bobby Brown, Vera Farmiga, Sally Hawkins, Kyle Chandler, O'Shea Jackson Jr., Ken Watanabe, Bradley Whitford, among many other talents.