Funimation Announces Winter 2020 SimulDub Premiere Dates

For as long as English dubbing of anime has been a thing, fans have been embroiled in a hot debate over which language versions they prefer to experience. But thankfully unlike the early days of English dubbing, Funimation has offered a whole new way for English dub fans to keep up with their favorite series. There's no longer a need to wait until a home video release to see each new series as their SimulDub program has released English dubbed episodes of each season's hottest new anime releases.

This, of course, continues with the jam-packed Winter 2020 season which sees plenty of original series making their debut alongside currently running powerhouses like My Hero Academia and Black Clover (which thankfully won't be adjusting their schedules). Funimation has announced its full slate of SimulDub premiere dates, and breaks down its Winter 2020 SimulDub release schedule as such (at 4:00 PM EST unless otherwise specified):

  • Plunderer (same day as Simulcast release), Wednesdays at 12:05PM
  • ID: Invaded (same day as Simulcast release), Sundays at 10:00AM
  • Darwin's Game - January 17th
  • Sorcerous Stabber Orphen - January 21st
  • BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense - January 22nd
  • Infinite Dendogram - January 23rd
  • Hatena Illusion - January 23rd
  • Nekopara - January 23rd
  • Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun - January 23rd
  • If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die - January 23rd
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun T - January 24th
  • Smile Down the Runway - January 24th
  • Interspecies Reviewers - January 25th
  • A3! Season Spring & Summer - January 27th
  • Isekai Quartet Season 2 - January 28th

Funimation's Winter 2020 SimulDub schedule definitely has its fair share of strong offerings, but the one getting the most attention thus far seems to be the newest work from director Ei Aoki. Following the successful runs for Re:Creators, Aldnoah Zero, and Fate/Zero, Aoki has now been tapped to direct the original anime series, ID: Invaded. The series even got a special preview release before its official debut, so everyone is keeping a close eye on it to see where it goes from here.

Funimation describes ID: Invaded as such, "Set in a virtual world, the visually stunning ID: INVADED follows Sakaido, a detective looking to solve the grisly murder of Kaeru, a young girl. But solving this case is unlike any other as the world begins to twist and turn around Sakaido, challenging what he thinks and believes."

Which Winter 2020 SimulDubs will you be checking out each week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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