Pokemon Sets Up an Ash vs Surge Rematch

Pokemon fans are never shy when it comes to sharing their most-wanted matches. The anime has introduced all sorts of trainers during its run, and fans have spent just as long pitching the battles they want to see most. Ever since Ash traveled the Kanto region, fans have wanted to see the boy take on the one and only Lieutenant Surge for a rematch, and it seems the anime's most recent series has left the door open to such a challenge.

For those of you who are caught up with Pokemon: The Series, you will know all about this big tease. It all started when Ash decided to visit the Vermillion City Gym in the Kanto region. This place marks one of Ash's biggest wins in the original anime as Lt. Surge was not a leader who messed around. He and his Raichu were out to win, and Ash nearly left the battle empty-handed.

However, Pikachu helped Ash pull through a win, and Lt. Surge went on to become a favorite with the fandom. Now, Ash has gone to revisit his old opponent, but the boy did not find who he was looking for as Lt. Surge is out on a training sabbatical.


Yes, Surge missed Ash by who knows how long, but the anime did not leave fans in the dark. The show told Ash that Surge is out training "to refine his mastery over the Electric type" and will come back once he is satisfied with his expertise. Of course, fans are hoping that tease means Ash will run into Lt. Surge during his journey through Kanto and beyond. Because if there is one thing fans could use these days, it would be this long-awaited rematch.

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