Aggretsuko Season 2 is Now Streaming on Netflix

Put on your business formal attire and brush your death metal make-up onto your face because [...]

Put on your business formal attire and brush your death metal make-up onto your face because Aggretsuko's second season is now on Netflix! Promising to add new troubles into Retsuko's life in the form of her visiting mother and her matchmaking "talents", the follow up season to the smash hit will once again paint office life with a nice shade of black metal for viewers. Fans of the series can watch season 2 right now on Netflix!

Retsuko's initial outing introduced us to her world, working as a young accountant who is beleaguered by her horrible boss, annoying co-workers, and typical problems facing millenials in this day and age. Though she manages to find new friends in the form of two executive class women in her company, Retsuko still has to unleash her stress through a karaoke joint nearby that allows her to slip into her metal persona. Each metal song that Retsuko sings takes her current problems and puts them into the lyrics themselves.

While the introductory ten episodes showed us a depressing, yet still upbeat, world of office politics, it also dove a little into Retsuko's love life, which will be a stronger point of topic here in the second season. Retsuko's mother is searching for a husband for her daughter, setting up a match making session with a 34 year old polar bear against her the young red panda's wishes.

(Photo: Netflix)

The real relationship of the series had been the one that has been building between Retsuko and her hyena co-worker, Haida. While the two have come close to a romantic outing, they're still oblivious to one another and have yet to reveal their true feelings. Think Jim and Pam from The Office and you've got it down pat.

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The first season of Sanrio and Netflix's joint project, Aggretsuko, is currently available for streaming worldwide. The first season ran for ten episodes at 15 minutes each, as does the second. Aggretsuko is an unassuming red panda who works in an office. She's 25 years old, and deals with the harsh world of every day life at an office.

As she deals with her office co-workers, she slowly builds up a rage meter until she can vent her frustrations with heavy metal karaoke on her off time. Here is how Sanrio describes the character, "She is a cute Red Panda, working as an office associate in the accounting department of a highly respected trading company. She works in one of the biggest metropolitan areas of Tokyo. It's always been a dream of hers to work in this field, especially in this part of the city. But in reality, her bosses are unsympathetic and give her harsh deadlines. She ultimately has become a pushover within the company. When she gets pushed to the limit, she goes out after work and takes out her frustration and stress with heavy metal Karaoke sessions!"