Funimation Offers Fans Akira's Legendary Leather Jacket

Akira remains one of the most legendary anime films of all time, introducing a number of elements [...]

Akira remains one of the most legendary anime films of all time, introducing a number of elements that still make their way into the public eye, and now, Funimation is offering fans the opportunity to own Kaneda's patented leather jacket that is easily one of the most recognizable pieces of attire in all of anime. With the jacket set to be made available for anime fans beginning this July, it's clear that plenty of Akira fans will jump at the chance to own the leather jacket that Kaneda wore throughout the mind-bending anime movie.

The creator of Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo, announced in 2019 that not only was he working on a new movie in Orbital Era, which had no relation to the world he had established with Akira, but also that he was working on a new television series that would once again bring back Kaneda, Tetsuo, and their cyberpunk universe. Though details for both of these projects have been few and far between since they were initially announced almost two years ago to this date, it's clear that Akira fans are dying for news and new merchandise that helps once again bring the classic story back to the forefront as one of the medium's most beloved tales.

Funimation shared the big details that anime fans will have the opportunity to buy a replica of Kaneda's legendary leather jacket, which will be made available on July 13th and will retail for around $450 USD:

When the leather jacket is made available, Funimation will only be producing three hundred of the jackets, meaning that plenty of fans might be left out in the cold when it comes to snatching one up. Funimation hasn't just gotten into the "Akira Game" with this jacket recreation, but has also released a limited edition 4K HD Blu-Ray set for the movie's latest anniversary, giving Kaneda and Tetsuo fans plenty of merchandise to add to their collections.

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