Alita: Battle Angel Director Signs First-Look with HBO Max

Robert Rodriguez is a fan-favorite director in Hollywood, and his take on projects like Alita: [...]

Robert Rodriguez is a fan-favorite director in Hollywood, and his take on projects like Alita: Battle Angel proved he is down for a challenge. Since the film's release, fans have begged to see more of the franchise and of Rodriguez's work overall. And now, the director has signed a deal with HBO Max to bring his next projects to life.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rodriguez has struck a deal with HBO Max for his first looks. The director has penned a two-year contract with HBO Max that gives the streaming platforms first dibs on anything Rodriguez is pitching.

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

"It's intriguing to be able to tap into the wealth of iconic IP available across the WarnerMedia portfolio and explore new stories to tell," Rodríguez said in a statement regarding the first-look deal. "I'm looking forward to a meaningful collaboration with the high caliber creative talent at HBO and HBO Max who have proven they're willing to take risks, challenge norms and tell inclusive stories while producing a wide breadth of quality content."

As you can imagine, fans are eager to see what this deal brings, but could it lead to an Alita: Battle Angel sequel? Well, such a movie could happen, but it will not be overseen by Warner Bros. Entertainment or HBO Max. The franchise is licensed under 20th Century Fox which is now firmly under Disney's domain. Still, fans aren't ready to give up hope on an Alita: Battle Angel sequel just yet. The anime adaptation has a vocal fandom online, and netizens won't stop rallying for a second movie until their pleas are answered.

Alita: Battle Angel may not factor into this deal, but Rodriguez has plenty to explore. The director, who also oversaw films like Sin City, is no stranger to geek culture. He recently oversaw work on The Mandalorian and We Can Be Heroes, a follow-up to his millennial hit Spy Kids. Warner Bros. Entertainment has tons of fandom IPs in its belt, so Rodriguez will feel right at home. And with HBO Max at his side, it will be easier than ever to bring Rodriguez's vision to fans worldwide.

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