Alita: Battle Angel Release New Poster for Theatrical Rerelease

Alita: Battle Angel has been out of theater for awhile now, but the cult hit is about to return to [...]

Alita: Battle Angel has been out of theater for awhile now, but the cult hit is about to return to the big screen. With the pandemic clearing out theater queues, chains like AMC have been searching for more titles to re-screen for fans. After sending in their pleas, Alita's fanbase convinced execs to bring out the movie for a spell, and a new poster has been shared in honor of its return.

The poster was shared earlier today as Alita prepares to reenter theaters this weekend. The anime adaptation will return to select theaters on October 30, and fans have been counting down the days until its return. After all, the Alita Army is a vocal crowd, and they have been singing the film's praises since it was released.

Of course, Alita felt the need to celebrate, so a poster was put out as you can see above. The sleek poster shows Alita posing with a sword in hand. Her metallic body shines golden under the setting sun behind her. And with war paint smeared across her cheeks, it is safe to say Alita is ready for battle.

There will not be too much competition for Alita at the theaters this weekend. Tenet made its limited debut well over a month ago, and it had modest success at the box office. Many theaters are simply showing older films to entice audiences amidst the pandemic. But following the recent re-closure of Regal theaters, AMC has become the biggest chain still operating in the United States.

The biggest competition Alita faces this weekend will fall t another franchise entirely. Star Wars will bring back its hit show The Mandalorian to Disney+ on October 30. Season two has been hotly anticipated by the fandom, so Alita and Baby Yoda are going to get cozy in just a few days.

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