Hiroshi Masuoka, Beloved Dragon Ball and Anpanman Voice Actor, Dies at 83

Today, Japan's voice acting community has come together to mourn the loss of one of its own. Not long ago, reports surfaced which confirmed actor Hiroshi Masuoka has passed away. The actor enjoyed plenty of success during his career with hit shows like Sazae-san, Dragon Ball GT, Anpanman, and more. He was 83 years old.

According to reports, Masuoka passed away over the weekend following his fight with rectal cancer. The actor was given a private funeral by his relatives, and per his wishes, there will be no public memorial service for fans to attend.

Still, netizens are taking to social media to share their tributes to Masuoka. The actor touched many fans during his career with his iconic voice. Born in 1936, Masuoka was drawn to voice acting as Japan began to embrace TV more and more. For many in Japan, Masuoka is best-known for voicing Masuo on Sazae-san and Jam Ojisan in Anpanman. He left both roles prior to his death when he retired, leaving new talent to take over the beloved characters for future generations.

Of course, there are other roles which fans know the actor best for. He was the second voice actor to bring Master Roshi to life in Dragon Ball Z and carried the work through Dragon Ball GT. He has also starred in projects like Ashita no Joe, GeGeGe no Kitaro, and dozens more. The actor's familiar voice will be missed by fans everywhere, but his legacy will continue through the industry's next generations of talent.

Our thoughts are with Masuoka's loved ones at this time. May he rest in peace.